Vintage Spoon Rescue & Re-creation

Welcome to my specialty silverware jewelry shop!

I wasn't always obsessed with spoons. In previous life, I did graphics and was a nail tech & instructor.

I mention this because it's pertinent to the story. After years of creating painstakingly detailed nail art, only to have it walk out the door and return in 2 weeks to be removed and then replaced with new designs that would in turn be removed, I wanted a more permanent vessel for all my hard work. Something people wouldn't be gardening and opening soda cans with.

Thus, the 3-dimensional 'Optical Infusions' collection was born. After much experimentation that resulted in really big messes (because I needed a mold that couldn't be found), I stumbled upon an online tutorial where they placed watch parts and resin in a spoon. That was it! Utilizing my experience of working with small details, I made little, layered 3-D works of art in demitasse spoons, teaspoons, soup spoons and everything in between. After creating nail art using a brush with 4 bristles, working with spoons was a huge palette!

Before I knew it, I had a few hundred spoon handles lying around and thought it might behoove me to learn how to do something with them. So now, I use all parts of the spoon — nothing goes to waste. The handles are made into spoon bracelets, spoon neckaces, key rings, spoon rings, tie tacks, and suncatchers.

I'm inspired by color and love dressing them up. I suspect I'm a bit ADD, so silverware jewelry is perfect for me. There are hundreds of beautiful patterns to work with, and I like to do many different styles. Everything from hammered and rustic, to blinged-up and flashy. I do have designs that are unembellished, featuring simply the spoon patterns too, but I admit that it's not easy for me to leave them alone.

Close as I can figure, there's about a bazillion things you can do with a spoon, and if I could just give up sleep, I could try them all. I'm working on that.

Thanks so much for visiting my shop — stay as long as you like...

Note to Spoon Huggers:
No spoon families were harmed or separated in the creation of this jewelry. All spoons were orphans; either put up for auction, or abandoned and left to tarnish in a bin of a second hand store.

But now, they’ve been given another chance to shine. They once again sparkle and gleam proudly— but in a new, more colorful form. While they no longer hold food, they now contain spoonfuls of all your other favorite things, and wait once more to be adopted — never to be forgotten again.

Come visit us at any of our upcoming shows this year. I'd love to meet you! You can find the schedule here:

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