Welcome to Spoonfest Jewelry's new website!

My name is Marianne Hunter and I create jewelry, dining gifts, home decor and windchimes from vintage silverware. I've had my shop on Etsy for seven years, but it was time to get my own place, and a little more freedom - yes, the seven year itch.   

There is so much more I want to do for my customers and I have some great ideas that I hope you'll enjoy. Things like:

  • News
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  • Customer inspired ideas & designs
  • Special offers  
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What makes silverware jewelry so special?

For starters, it moves memories of dinners at Grandmas out of the drawer and celebrates them in the form of new, wearable pieces of art that you can keep close to you always. And since I offer a Lifetime Warranty, you can actually do that.   

Or, if you're a vintage lover, you can own a piece of the past - but in a new and colorful form. There are literally hundreds of beautiful patterns, and I love to dress them up with embellishments like pearls, crystals, gemstones, beads and charms. If you like my jewelry, you are not a minimalist, nor a conformist. My spoon jewelry is designed to be a conversation starter, just a touch flashy, and definately noticed. 

Silverware jewelry is also eco-friendly. You can feel good knowing that something once so beautiful, then used and forgotten, is now fresh and alive again; to wear proudly as you're making new memories.   

And let's not forget about the forks. Fork jewelry has a serious cool factor. Where spoon jewelry usually shows off the beauty of the vintage patterns, forks can be curled and wildly twisted in the most interesting shapes and designs.  

And sometimes, silverware jewelry is just plain fun to wear. As you might guess by the 'before and after' photos below; it's a very gratifying way to make a living. Quite labor intensive; but the end result is always worth it. 

Some day, I'll show you all the steps involved in creating a spoon bracelet - I think you may be surprised.   

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"Narcissus" pattern from 1935